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Hello Old Friend

The last time I played in html would have been 2014-2015, when I was getting my associates degree. I made some very measly and medicore websites from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver, so this is a bit of a blast from the past. I decided to make this exercise interesting by first developing this in StackEdit in order to see what all StackEdit can do.

I also was happy to see the that tutorials to HTML are so nicely available without me having to scrounge the internet. My first idea was to jump into “classes”, and I did so here

I decided to make a class for images that I wanted to include in my blog. I made a folder on my desktop labeled “Blog Test Images” and put two photos I took of my hometowns water tower. It took me a minute to figure out how to get the images into my src portion, as this required a different process than Adobe Dreamweaver. I ended up uploading the images to dropbox and linking them from there. However, my images didn’t show in the StackEditor window, just the alt text. I tried publishing my work into my wordpress blog, but the images didn’t show up there either, and I also could see my header in the blog post… which was weird.

Google searching how to make StackEditor show images was also unhelpful. I mostly got posts of users upset that there was no option to just upload their photos from their computer, making it so that they didn’t have to use another source (such as Dropbox or Google drive) to upload their images. Which I thought was a very fair compliant.

I tried the option of going to the tool bar to insert and image, and by dropping an image into the site as well, but neither of those options worked to actually show me my image while I working. I then decided to try and copy and paste my code into WordPress to see if anything would happen. Nothing did, still just alt text. But I was surprised to see my tags disappear.

Water tower, Kimberly Idaho.

Water tower, Kimberly Idaho.

So, I decided to give up on that en endeavour for the sake of time, but you can see my alt text above, as I’m going to leave the coding in. Rather, I decided I could make a list instead of what I did like from StackEditor:

      1. I enjoy the easy interface, fast to pick up.
      2. Like the idea of being able to publish my code to sites such as WordPress,
        Dropbox, Google, or other blogging sites.
      3. StackEditor still has a tool bar to help with basic things (like importing images, that I was too stubborn to use).
      4. The fact that you can work on your coding, whether your online or offline.

Anyways, I’ve realized that this was supposed to be a “short” blog, and not be rambling on remembering some aspects of html, and not remember others. This is a fun exercise though, and I’m happy to see how much more user friendly this has become and that anyone could make the attempt to teach themselves html.

Edit: Discovered, “Realitve File Paths” for uploading images from your computer, but still couldn’t get an image to upload. Darn!


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